Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Natural Gas Special Report

Here is an extract of the highlights from our Natural Gas Special Report published 18th of August 2009:

Natural Gas
Main scenario: An Ending Diagonal in Natural Gas is in progress and we are in the latter stages of it. There is good support at approx. USD 3 which is the bottom of the multi-year triangle and this is a potential target.

Daily chart of Natural Gas:

Alt scenario: Natural Gas is near a multi year low just as the oil and gas sector topped and this is a little odd. If they were to follow each other in the future the structure may be part of a larger triangle that we would label a 4th wave that may be completed in some months from now before a final 5th wave down. The lower boundary of the multi-year triangle is USD 3 which could be the target for a 5th wave down later this year. The upside in a triangle would be approx. USD 5.

Long term view of Natural Gas' multi year expanding triangle:

If indeed wave c of B of (x) is ending, the price target for a full C of (and) wave in the expanding triangle would be USD 24 to 39 long term. This should take many years to complete.

Here is some of the comparisons of natural gas with other asset classes presented in the report:

Natural Gas / Crude Oil Ratio

The natural gas / crude oil ratio is at multi year exteme levels. Natural gas is turning up long term relative to crude oil.

Natural Gas / Gold Ratio

The natural gas / gold ratio is also at extreme multi-year levels. Natural gas is turning up long term relative to gold.

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