Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We would like to bring to your awareness the upcoming problems in the world banking system starting this fall.

We recommend that you limit your exposure to the banking system world wide. This includes bank deposits, bank boxes and money transfers using the traditional banking system. We believe that many banks may stop their operations for the public for a while and set restrictions on money transfers and cash withdrawals as early as October 2009. Russia, Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Spain are particularly high risk areas. The U.S. and other parts of Europe are also exposed considerably.

Currencies in some European countries may collapse completely like the (Lithuanian Litas and Bulgarian Leva). The British pound and the Euro are expected to decline substantially. Some countries will have problems paying public salaries and pensions.

We are not sure how many years it will take before the banking system stabilizes but the worst will be over by the end of 2011. We recommend that you exit or limit your exposure to the banking system.

Contact us If you need personal guidence or assistance to prepare.

Geir Solem

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