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Here you find research and analysis including articles, interviews, short version examples of our special reports as well as excerpts and highlights from our monthly investment newsletter, which cover the worlds financial market. Please note that our original analysis is presented with larger charts.

For investors and traders, we analyze commodities, the worlds stock markets, currencies, bonds and interest rates, as well as the real estate market around the world.

We help you make money by pointing out great opportunities.

For global trend followers we cover socionomic trends, the rise and fall of societies and how to take advantage of such developements. A new phenomenon in global demographic trends is the aging of Europe, Russia and the US, where the working population in their best working age and spending has already begun to decline. What does the future hold for these aging countries and will any of them rise again during this century ?  We also identify countries which will rise in the coming decades. To get the insight see our first article in this Global Forecast series (You find it on this blog).

In the next article to be published shortly we will look at long term cycles like the 50-60 year Kondratieff Cycle and the 54 year Interest Rates Cycle through the centuries.

One of the long term cycles is expected to be bottoming during the next few years and that is the 54 year Interest Rate Cycle. Idealy, this cycle shouls have bottomed in 2006. Our research indicates that this cycle could turn up from June 2011 and the next ideal top in interest rates is expected in 2033.  So this means that we have approximately 25 years of rising interest rate ahead.

At present, we are in the downtrend phase of the Kondratieff Cycle and according to our research the bottom is expected by the end of the next decade. However, this can be delayed by some years due to the government's credit and debt expansion as well as money printing.

The Elliott Wave pattern looks like a full large degree wave structure as you can count 5 waves up starting from the French Revelution in 1784 untill the beginning of this century. The message is that a large decline has already began , the degree (size) of the correction (decline) is similar to the one which took place in Europe between 1720-1780 and later culiminated in what is known as the French revolution. In the upcoming articles, I will discuss what Elliott Wave patterns mean for the western societies and their future in terms of economic and social trends.

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