Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Future of education - Social trends - Mass psychology

Do schools kill creativity ? and ideas ? which has an incalculable value and should be highly appreciated !

A revolution coming in education ? It must be, I mean, you can now you can get any kind of degree online from counselor degrees to physics degrees! Listen to Sir Ken Robinson, but first consider this:

"Einstein  accepted a temporary summer teaching position and tutored two young high-school students. He advised their father, a high-school teacher himself, to remove the boys from school, where, he maintained, their natural curiosity was being destroyed. Einstein's job as a tutor was short-lived", Hewitt.

"All buildings, windows, phones, glasses, shoes, cups, mice, toys, speakers, laps, drapes, clothes, consoles, PC's, wallpapers, boxes, pen-tablets, stairs, doors, miscellaneous decoration, floors, frames, chairs, tables, chords, TV's cameras, hats, legos , sculptures, weapons, and so on is made by artists. Artists are crucial to making video-games and art spawns creativity which is crucial to humanity. You can only create what you can imagine... and art feeds the imagination!", Ploothable.

See the video from TED here.

By Geir Solem, EllottWaveTechnician
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  1. I think creativity is mostly destroyed by comparisons. Creativity needs free space and esteem to flourish.