Thursday, April 28, 2011

China and Egypt - Economic growth the last 2000 years

Here is a long term look at the very long-term growth of Egypt compared with China based on estimates of their GDP per capita over that last 2000 years. In the date is included some of the major ruling dynasties for Egypt and a few world events for reference.

They had similar GDP per capita for most of this time period. However, there are three points when they cross 1100 (China surpasses Egypt), 1850 (Egypt surpasses China), and 1994 at which point China leaps ahead.

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Source: VisualizingEconomics / Angus Maddison
After privatizing a large part of it's economy in the 1980's China leaps into exponential growth of it's economy and leave Egypt in the dust.
Geir Solem
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