Friday, July 1, 2011

Elliott Wave analysis - Indonesia Stock Exchange rallying in a 5th wave

The following is an extract from Elliott Wave Technician's June 2011 Investment Newsletter covering Indonesia (Published to subscribers 30th of June 2011):

Indonesia stock market
Here is a daily chart of Market Vectors Indonesia Index ETF "IDX" which is a proxy for (simulates) the stock market in Indonesia called Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia):

A rally in wave 5 marked in blue colour is in the early stages.

A long term chart presented in the newsletter reveals how the above 5 wave structure fit into the larger trend of Indonesia's stock market. It points to a very interesting future for Indonesia.

Learn more about Indonesia's stock market and get a perspective of the larger global trends in the June 2011 Investment Newsletter (Published the 30th of June 2011). Subscribe at or here.

Geir Solem
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