Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elliott Wave Technician's Stock Portfolio performance during the crises

Our stock portfolio is up approx. 10% year to date (8th of August 2011). The major US and European stock indexes are all down year to date. Greece stock market is at a 14 years low.

The following is a table of European and US indexes year-to-date (8th of August 2011) performance:

		       YTD		      2010	
		     (percent)             (percent)	
STOXX Europe 600       -17.0                  8.63	
DAX                    -14.3                 16.06	
FTSE 100               -14.1                  8.99	
CAC 40                 -17.9                 -3.34	
IBEX 35                -14.2                -17.43	
FTSE MIB               -22.5                -13.22	
ATG                    -29.4                -35.62	
OMX Stockholm 30       -21.9                 21.42	
S&P 500                 -7.9                 12.78 	
Dow Jones               -3.9                 11.02   	

Source: Reuters

Notice the S&P is down nearly 8% year to date. Many European Indexes is down in the 20-30% range.

Here is the link to the full article covering more European indexes: TABLE-European stock indexes year-to-date performance

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Geir Solem

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