Monday, January 30, 2012

Global Index of Economic Freedom - Hong Kong at the top

The Heritage Foundation has published an “Index of Economic Freedom,” which rates conditions in 179 countries. Each rated country in the Index is given a score.

The countries with the most economic freedom are:

1. Hong Kong with a score of 89.9,
2. Singapore with a score of 87.5
3. Australia with a score of 83.1

The lowest ranked country communist North Korea has a score of one.

The ratings cover four areas: (1) Rule of law as measured in property rights and freedom from corruption; (2) Limited Government as measured by government spending and fiscal freedom; (3) Regulatory Efficiency as measured by business freedom, labor freedom and monetary freedom; (4) Open Markets as measured by trade freedom, investment freedom and financial freedom.

The complete list can be viewed at the Heritage Foundation’s 2012 Index of Economic Freedom site.

Geir Solem
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