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Benoît Mandelbrot, One of the Fathers of Fractals

Frenchman Benoit Mandelbrot, Maths Master, known as the "discoverer of Fractals". In this final interview shot by filmmaker Erol Morris, Mandelbrot shares his love for mathematics and how it led him to his discovery of fractals. His work lives on today in many innovations in science, design, telecommunications, medicine, renewable energy, film (special effects), gaming (computer graphics) and more.

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However, we should not forget that Ralph N. Elliott discovered that nature is fractal already in the 1930's and in the early 1940's, Elliott expanded his theory to apply to all collective human behaviors.

The Elliott Wave Principle was first revealed privately, in December 1934 to Charles J. Collins, an investment counselor. In August 1938, a monograph written with Collins' assistance - The Wave Principle - was published.

Elliott's final major work was his most comprehensive: Nature's law-The secret of the Universe published in June 1946.

The Elliott Wave theory's major contribution was in mass psychology and the forecasting of price structures and social trends for investment purposes.

It is unknown whether Mandelbrot was aware of Elliott and his work. However, it is more correct then to say that Benoit Mandelbrot rediscovered fractals since Ralph N. Elliott discovered it first.

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