Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The stock market - Latin American opportunity

This is an update of our article "The stock market - Asia will continue to outperform Latin America" posted the 30th of January 2014.

We expect a long term opportunity to arise in the Latin American stock market over the next year or so.

Source: Elliott Wave Technician. Click on the above image to get a larger picture.

The stock market of Asia xJapan has been outperforming Latin America the last few years as we predicted back in 2010 when the Ratio broke out of a bullish wedge.

We expect Latin America to bottom relative to Asia when the Ratio reach our target of 1.5 which represent solid resistance.

The coming year is a window of opportunity to buy the emerging Latam stock market at bargain prices.

The private market as well as the grey market, during bear markets in emerging countries, are usually possible to buy into for extremely low prices as the crowd as well as investment managers think these markets are worthless.

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Geir Solem

Elliott Wave Technician
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